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The Cock, Stansted Mountfitchet
30th October 2017

The sixteenth day of February, nineteen seventy three,

Susie and Leonard welcomed a daughter to complete the family.

A sister for their first son Lee and her name was Michelle,

A happy home with lots of love – this poem’s started well!

Ten years later, unbeknown to any of us all,

Up the road in Whipps Cross was a young boy born called Paul.

The third of September was the day, nineteen eighty three,

Carol and Derek brought to the world another young Langley.

Michelle grew up in Harold Hill and went to Bedfords School,

And now her best friends even still are Dawn, Tracey and Wachael!

When she was in her teenage years, Michelle worked lots of hours,

Flipping burgers in Dagenham market and selling roadside flowers!

Paul is a big football fan, of that we all agree,

And even now his second love is ‘local’ team Chelsea.

He spent many years in London though, where he did work and strive,

Walking to and from Billericay station, because he cannot drive!

The Chequers pub in Billericay is where fate brought them next,

But convincing Michelle to go on a date, was really quite complex.

Eventually his work paid off after lots of charm and schmooze,

Maybe it was his cocktail making, which is better than Tom Cruise!

Like the true gent that Paul is, he had everything well planned,

And asked Leonard, Susie, Charlie and Tyler to assume Michelle’s hand.

Thankfully they all said yes and a Langley she would be,

After that as they saying goes, the rest is history.

The twelfth of September two-thousand and fourteen, was the important date,

The marriage of Michelle and Paul at Church, Saint James the Great.

The old Roman town of Colchester hosted the ceremony,

Proudly witnessed by Michelle’s sons, Tyler and Charlie.

Honeymoon done now back to work and normal life again,

Still chasing that dream of a little bar somewhere out in Spain.

Then opportunity knocks, a change of plan which knocks you out of sort,

A pub crops up, north of runway one, Stansted bloody Airport!

Stansted Mountfitchet to be precise, but nothing rhymes with that,

‘The Cock’ in fact on Silver Street is where the party’s at.

A friendly bar, some spare rooms to let and a lovely bit of grub,

Good job Cath Thwaites Hunter taught you well on how to run a pub!

Not much notice to pack your bags and move out of Billericay,

Trying to get your stuff in Dad’s white van could be bloody tricky.

Your love of holidays put on hold, although it’s not all shabby,

In between times Michelle fits in a trip to Abu Dhabi!

So another date typed out in full, now this poem’s nearly over,

Two thousand and seventeen is the year, the thirtieth of October.

That day was when you turned the page to a new chapter in your life,

An adventure you’ve wanted for years and now take as man and wife.

Have lots of fun and make new friends now your name’s above the door,

The Felstead’s are so proud of you, of that you can be sure.

All that’s left to say now is good luck from us all,

Congratulations and all the best to you Michelle and Paul.